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Turning Leaf Maple Products is a family-owned business with an objective of making this world a little sweeter, one drop at a time. Chris and Elisabeth met and got married later in life and therefore the name Turning Leaf symbolizes the vision that they hold, a new season is always before us! Whether it be springtime while the sweet syrup being produced, or the vegetable garden which produces amazing yields, the magnificence of the fall colours in the sugar woods, or in the sometimes bitter-cold winter, we hope someday to invite you to this magical place.

With minimal impact on the forest as possible, we harvest the sweet sap through kilometers of tubing strategically placed so as to allow the greatest sap flow possible, while maintaining the integrity of the forest around us. The goal is to have the smallest footprint possible, while practicing sustainable forestry. This not only allows us to have a sweet harvest year after year, but also allows for a biologically diverse forest many of God’s creations call home.



Currently we are producing syrup from our 2023 season in the following sizes:
1Litre: $25
750ml: $21 SOLD OUT
500ml: $15 SOLD OUT
375ml: $12
250ml: $8

There is no tax as this is 100% pure maple syrup and here in Canada it is not taxed! Hurray!
We shall begin to diversify with other value-added products such as cream, butter, and taffy soon.


About Us

Our forest preserve is located in the Parish of Dundas, in Notre-Dame, New Brunswick, Canada. It is part of the much larger Acadian Forest and is located in the Appalachian Mountains. The trees that we tap are red maple, which though the sugar content of the sap may be slightly lower than sugar maples, nevertheless produces a syrup that is rich in maple taste that is as unique as the forest home in which sap is harvested from.

Each tree is tapped yearly in earlier spring and is fed through our pipelines which collect and transfer the raw sap to our evaporator for the syrup creation process. Some say that oil or natural gas makes syrup boiling easier, and in a sense it does, but we prefer to boil the old-fashioned way and use wood. We do however use as much waste wood as we can in order to limit our carbon footprint and to preserve the forests that we hold so dear.



Pure maple syrup from Turning Leaf Maple contains only naturally-occurring fructose which means that it is naturally sweet and our bodies break it down easily. On top of that if you look at the glycemic index and try to find out where maple syrup is placed, you had better look down near the 54 mark which puts it far below other sugars and even lower than honey! On top of all that, it is a superb source of manganese and a good source of riboflavin. Pure maple syrup is also a source of calcium, thiamin, potassium, and copper. Who knew? Incidentally, it is also gluten and lactose free, for those who may have those health concerns.



The simple process of syrup production begins with a tiny hole in one of our maples: we drill for sap, boil it, filter it, and enjoy it. That’s it. Our maple products are free from gluten and lactose and are perfect for health-conscious people who care deeply about taste, but also about what they put into their bodies. From bark to barrel to your kitchen table, we take pride in being able to bottle a little taste of Canada for people across the world.



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What People are saying

Fake and/or other brands of syrup can't measure up! I'm a convert!

E.D, Toronto

So we did a taste comparison with two other syrups, we both agree that ours is in first place due to a good balance of flavour and sugar

M.L, Moncton

Loved it. Had the maple syrup today at breakfast. Great taste!!!!!! I am your new customer

N.S., Halifax

Most delicious maple syrup I've ever had


I'll never go back to Costco syrup


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